SOE-865 Unlucky female agent

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His lover was kidnapped by gangsters, which caused the beautiful female spy Riho to personally rush into danger to rescue him. A fierce gun battle broke out. between the two sides and of course, she was easily captured because there were so many of them and they also used despicable tricks. Unfortunately for her, this was the lair of those criminals. kidnapped and raped and she was a delicious prey for them. She was raped one by one, unable to do anything because her limbs were tied tightly, she could only bear it helplessly. endured and felt guilty for not being able to save his love, but also for losing the woman's virginity. What a brave but unfortunate girl.

SOE-865 Unlucky female agent
 Movie Code: SOE-865 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Riho Hasegawa